Construction of New Pier in Puerto Armuelles

Many are wondering if this is ever going to happen as the rumor of this new pier has been floating up on the air for years. With every new administration we hear the same promisses for either renovation of the old pier (which I doubt is possible beucase most of the structure is down in the water by now) or the construction of a new one.

Here is a update of where this is. the bidding period started some time ago and 15 companies visited the site, all of them interested on making bids for the studies, desing and construction. See document attached showing what companies are interested: open it here

What stage is it at? INGENIERÍA CONTINENTAL, S.A.  filed a claim beaucase according to them the bidding process did not stipulate clear guidelines for those interested on making bids. See the the spanish claim in PDF here

AS of right now the Bidding Process is on hold as the claim was accepted.

Everything related to this bidding can be seen on the panama compra portal: See it here

Take a look at the plano available in that same site showing what have in mind: See it here

All this information is taken from which is the offial government site where biddings are posted. Hopefully the New Pier in Puerto Armuelles will materialize during this administration.