Is Puerto Armuelles a safe place for foreigners? We have been asked this question many times by the many people that we meet and people that find us online. At some point when talking about Panama this question comes up, regarless of the area being Puerto, Boquete, etc people that are thinking about coming to Central America will have this question in mind at some point in time. 

Before giving our answer to this question we want to mention that Puerto Armuelles was a florishing part of Panama up untill around 2006, at that time the Chiquita Banana Company moved their operation out of Baru leving behind no strem of income for the residents as the entire town depended on jobs generated by the Banana plantations. So after the economic boom of Puerto desapeared the town started suffering, no jobs, no income other that pensions the government, etc. (now we answer the question) After suffering a lot the area is recuperating, slowly we should say, but it is getting better and Puerto Armuelles is Safe for foreigners. 

We are honest to say that there is petty theft, saying the oposite would not very responsible from our side, we do have that, but in general you can be walking on the streets without any problems plus the police presence in town is very large, there are cops all over town spacially now that Senafront took over. but, not leave anything outside your house because it might not be there the next day. May be you think that this should not be said by the people selling property on this website, but it is what it is and guess what, it is the same all over Panama unless you are in a gated comunity, but other countries are not eny different.

Nowdays (2020) same as the rest of the world, we are strugling with the coronavirus and things are going slow, quarantine has left many residents without jobs again, the few hotels are closed same as most of bussineeses but Puerto’s history says the town and its people know how to come back and as part of the comunity we can say that we will be here next year and the years to come.

Come to Puerto Armuelles, check it out, you will love the people, the calmness of the beaches, and if you think of checking out some property while here feel free to contact us. Meanwhile take a look at the properties we have for sale CLICK HERE

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