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Puerto Armuelles Building lot for sale

El Palmar, Puerto Armuelles

Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale


Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale

Best Deal in town

This probably the best deal avaiable in the entire area of Puerto, a building lot for only $4,000.00.

You may be thinking, yes, for sure it is in the middle of nowhere and I have to drive 1 hour to get to the closest groceries store. Nope…

Property Features:

  • only 1 kilometer to Corazon de Jesus Beach
  • 1 hour drive to the city of David
  • 1 hour drive to the Airport
  • 5 minute drive to downtown Puerto Armuelles.
  • The closesest large groceries store is only 1 kilometer form this lot

The best thing of all is the price, only $4,000.00

If you did not believe the above this is going to make it even more difficult for you to process, we will give you terms for 6 months with a down payment of $1,000. Monthly payments of $100 and the balance to be paid at the end of the 6 months. This will give you the time to figure out if you are going to buy the lot using a corporation or in your personal name. This time will also allow you to move the money from your country of origin to Panama.

In case 6 months is not enough you can also go with payments for a year, same monthly payment but there would be a charge of $200 in addition to the price, so for $4,200 can still buy this lot and pay for it in a period of 12 months. if this is not a deal to think of what is it?

Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale ?

How many have you see in this price range… not many for sure. Take advantage of this opportunity because for sure you will not have many of this deals available. There are 2 lots left, the previous 15 were sold before we even created this website.

Interested? Call me at (507) 6815- 5196


Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale

Puerto Armuelles building lot for sale

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