Puerto Armuelles Panama

Puerto Armuelles Panama is a town that you need to check out while in this country, first of all it is the only real beach town of all the country, other places are on the beach like bocas but how not be on the beach if it is an island, it has to be on the water to be an island dont you think...

Is this a nice view or what?

Puerto Armuelles Panama

Puerto Armuelles Panama is indeed right on the water, matter of fact I thing it is the only town or city with a beach front bus station all over the country, if you dont belive me come look at it yourself.

Regardless of what the purpouse of your trip is, to buy real estate, vacation, to check out the area, etc, you must see “Puerto”, many people say it is not for them but it might be the right place for you, not crowded, cheap cost of living, everything is close by, all people know each other and many more reasons, forgot to say, it is on the BEACH. 

Puerto has it all but if you cant find it here, David city is a short one hour drive from town, also the border with Costa Rica has lots of choices of many things for great prices such as clothing, groceries (i must say that me and my wife go groceries shopping at the border).

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