Puerto Armuelles Real Estate for sale By owner

Are you planning to move to Puerto Armuelles?

Puerto Armuelles is one of the few places in Panama that has not been discovered yet by the crowds, this makes it the perfect place to make it your home.

Cost of living here is very affordable

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate for sale By ownerEverything is still affordable in Puerto, you can eat in one of the local restaurants for only $3.75, you can buy fresh fish for $2.50 a pound, and I could go on and on with many different examples of the things you can buy here for a good price.

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate for sale By owner or do you prefer to see properties with real estate agents? This is also one of those things that you need to look at while in Puerto, also the beaches are beautiful, not very crowded because as mentioned before not many people know about this area, prices are not as high as in other areas of the country such as Coronado, Playa Blanca, etc. Check out the Puerto Armuelles homes and other properties we have for sale, I am sure you will find them very interesting and affordable.

Puerto Armuelles Real Estate for sale By owner

Who are we? We own all of the properties available in this website, we are not real estate brokers or agents, no middle person in between. We can offer you some owner financing in most of them.

Give us the opportunity to show you what we have, we have lived in this area of Panama for years, we know it, we have the experience other people in town don’t have in things like titles, permits and more.

For questions, or to schedule a meeting please call me at

(507) 6815 5196 or email me directly at ejariascr@hotmail.com

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