Steps to title property in Panama

To start the titling process in Panama one has to determine where the title needs to come from. For a regular untitled property the process will be in the title department known as Anati. The first thing do to is get a surveyor to make you a plano of the property, once that is done this recently made plano has to be approved by the authorities.

There at least 3 types of title proces which we describe we describe them as Steps to title property in Panama

  1. Properties owned by the central government of Panama.

This type of property has to be titled exclusively in Anati. After you have done the survey you need to submit it to Anati for which you will need an attorney otherwise the process will take longer, it will take a while anyways but with the attorney it will be a little faster. On when you have this type of property the title can be 12 months away, as Anati will make one or more inspections to the property to check on boundaries, location, size and when it comes to beach front properties they are even more particular and strict with the rules. 

As of 2008 the government of Panama approved a law to title beach front properties and Islands, this is because previous to that date only a handfull of real estate on the beaches had title as titles were granted starting 200 meters from the high tide mark so there was all over panama a 200 meter strip of land along all beachs untitled. 

This process could be expensive depending of what attorney you use and also depending of where the property is located as you as the owner of the ROP have to buy the land from Anaty based on a per square meter price. 

2. Properties within city limits.

At least this is how many people know this properties and it applies to properties owned legaly by municipalities where they hold title and anyboby with rights of possession over this type of property has to apply before the municipality and they grant the titles when it applies. 

For this type of titling the owner gets the survey made and the same surveyor can take it to all the government offices to get approval. Once each office approves the plano it will get a survey number and a stamp to show approval. Getting the ok from this goverment entities could take up to 6 month as Anati, MIVI may conduct separate inspections on site. After approval the owner needs to bring the approved suvey to the municality to start the formal title procedings on which one is required to bring in 3 withnesses, post an ad on a newspaper for 3 days and then pay the municipality a per square meter price in order for them to give you a title deed which you will need to take to the public record office to get it recorded on your name.

3. Rights of possession over titled property owned by third party.

Yes this sounds weird but it happens. It applies to cases when someone has been occupying a piece of land with or without improvements for over 15 years uninterrumpted. 

For such pricess it is necesary to hire a lawyer and it takes filling a lawsuit on the title owner to show a judge that the person holding possession has been indeed occupying the land that long, taking care of it, etc.

This is a long process that may take several years, it could be expensive and there are not guaranties of getting a title on the end, therefore it is important to make sure, previous to buying this type of property, that you indeed have good chances of getting a title granted in your favor.

On any case, if you have questions regardin any of what has been described here feel free to contact us at any times

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