Where is puerto armuelles

Where is Puerto Armuelles

Puerto, as the local people refer to it, is a medium size town located in the province of Chiriqui, Panama.

Its closeness to the International Airport of David and also to the Costarican border make it a perfect destination for many. Only 1.2 hour drive to the airport and 30 minutes to the border area with Costa Rica where you have countless shopping options.

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Puerto Armuelles was basically built by the Chiquita Banana Company many years ago, this company is not present in the economy of the town any more but the influence of it can be seen in the local infrastructure of many of the neighborhoods in the town. Most homes built by the company were wooden 2 story homes and most of them are still here.

What does “Puerto” have to offer?

This area of Chiriqui has been left out for many years but now things are changing, and changing fast. A new hostpital with a cost of close to 100 million dollars is under construction, a new 4 lane road has been built from the border with Costa Rica all the way into town, a brand new road from Puerto to Punta burinca is being built, the airport is under a large ronovation with the construction of the new run way, fence around it, some baseball stadiums are being renovated or they are being re built from scratch, and many more things are to come.

One of the best things happening is the new operation of DEL MONTE in town, they are here and they are going to create hundreds of very well needed jobs for people.

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